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Equipment: Electromagnetic Balance Halogen Moisture Analyzer
Equipment Type: Instrument -> Analytic Instrument
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Description: Drying Moisture Meter is also called halogen moisture analyzer. The instrument is a new product which applies the technology of electronic balance, halogen radiation and temperature controlling. The instrument is robust and small in size, the operation is easy, the functions are complete and the quality is reliable. Under the control of single-chip microcomputer, it has various functions, such as weight calibration, temperature and time setting, manual or auto heating ions, adjustable display parameters, and buzzer sound indicating heating finish, etc. With RS232 serial printer or computer, the instrument can print out 8 types of parameters and has 4 output modes for ions. The instrument is fast and can perform a testing within few minutes. The instrument is widely used in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, tobacco, grain and chemicals, either as a precision instrument in the laboratory, or for routine test of purchased goods or doing process control in the factory.
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